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2 Фев 2013
Sport and Social Exclusion in Global Society

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Social exclusion is one of the most pressing challenges in post-industrial societies, encompassing economic, social, cultural?and political dimensions.

This important new book critically examines the relationship between sport and social exclusion, from global and cross-cultural perspectives.

The book analyses sport and social exclusion by focusing on three key questions: How does social exclusion affect participation in sport? How is social exclusion (re)produced, experienced, resisted, and managed in sport? How is sport used to combat social exclusion and promote social inclusion in other life domains? To answer these questions, the authors discuss and critically reflect on?existing knowledge?and?in-depth case studies from Europe, Australasia, Africa and Latin America.

The book illuminates the relationship between sport and social exclusion in Global North and Global South contexts, addressing key issues in contemporary social science such as social inequality, worklessness, gender, disability, forced migration, homelessness and mental health.

Sport and?Social Exclusion?in Global Society is important reading for all students, researchers and policy-makers with an interest in sport sociology, sport development, sport management, or the relationship between sport and wider society.

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