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2 Фев 2013
Stick Dog 3-Book Collection

Автор: Tom Watson

Короткое описание книги

This collection includes the first three books in the bestselling Stick Dog series: Stick Dog, Stick Dog Wants a Hot Dog, and Stick Dog Chases a Pizza.

These heavily illustrated, fun books are perfect for fans of series such as Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Big Nate.

Stick Dog: Introducing everyones new best friend: Stick Dog! Hell make you laugh .



hell make you cry .



but above all, hell make you hungry.

Follow Stick Dog as he goes on an epic quest for the perfect burger.

With hilarious stick-figure drawings, this book has a unique perspective, as the author speaks directly to the reader throughout the story in an engaging and lively way.

Stick Dog Wants a Hot Dog: In this second book, Stick Dog and his four friends, Poo-Poo, Mutt, Stripes, and Karen, must execute a master plan for stealing hot dogs.

The closer they get to the hot dog vendor, the more difficult their mission becomes.

With the same hilarious antics, the five dogs are met with many challenges along the way, including having to distract the frankfurter guy and Karen getting locked in a humans house.

No matter what, these dogs have their eyesand stomachson the prize.

Stick Dog Chases a Pizza: Stick Dog returns with the same crazy crew.

This time these canine friends have discovered a newfangled flavorand its even more delicious than hamburgers and hot dogs.

Its pizza! And they wont be satisfied until they get some slices of their own.

But it wont be that easy.

Theres a kitten to rescue, a plan to make, and the messiestand most dangerousgame of catch theyve ever played.

Pizza is on the menu, but only if their mission succeeds.

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