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2 Фев 2013
Story of Light

Короткое описание книги

A faint echo of the past, a memory crossing the mists of time, was Bridgets first clue of a life she once lived.

The first step of the journey to understand the most pondered enigma of all time, life.

Bridgets purpose is to find that spiritual talisman sought by people of all ages, the Philosophers Stone or Holy Grail.

Dependent on her success is her own salvation and that of the world.

Using the accumulated wisdom of five millennia of human thought, together with 21st-century science, Bridget must learn the true nature of herself, life, and that vast being known by scientists as the Cosmos and the religious as deity, reconciling the fundamental paradoxes of life and death, good and evil, science and God.

She undertook the quest before, as an Iron Age priestess.

Now, history is repeating itself.

The world again descends into chaos and Bridget must walk The Path once more.

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