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2 Фев 2013
Striving and Feeling

Короткое описание книги

Recently, research on the ways in which goals, affect, and self-regulation influence one another has enjoyed an upsurge.

New findings are being published and new theories are being developed to integrate these findings.

This volume reports on the latest of this work, including a substantial amount of data and theory that has not yet been published.

Emanating from a conference exploring affect as both a cause and effect in various social contexts, this book examines some of the complex and reciprocal relationships among goals, self structures, feelings, thoughts, and behavior.

The chapters address: *the effects of intrinsic versus extrinsic goals; *the different effects of approach versus avoidance goals; *the role of awareness in goal pursuit and affective states; *the meaning of affective states in relation to goal attainment; *the impact of hedonistic concerns as motivational factors; *how people regulate their moods; and *the role of the self in affective experiences.

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