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2 Фев 2013
Summer Seduction

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After A Winter Scandal comes a new season for unexpected love in this sparkling second novel in New York Times bestselling author Candace Camps Legend of St.

Dwynwen trilogy.

No one in tiny Chesley knows the truth about Damaris Howard; a woman of wealth and beauty, she rarely allows anyone to get close.

Her past was marked by scandal and abandonmentbetter to stay aloof and reinvent herself.

Then Damaris meets Alec Stafford, the Earl of Rowden.

The tall, handsome border lord is a man of quiet but deep passion, raised to show no weakness and burned once before by a womans love.

But when he and Damaris cross paths inside London society, they set sparks of attraction blazingand rumors flying.

And when someone abducts Damaris from the city streets, Alec must stake more than his reputation to rescue her.




Finding out whos behind a dangerous plot plunges Alec and Damaris together in an intimacy that melts their well-guarded reserve, proving that true loves rich rewards may just be worth the risks.

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