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2 Фев 2013
Sun Tzu and the Art of Modern Warfare: Updated Edition

Автор: Mark R. McNeilly

Короткое описание книги

Long acknowledged as a classic text on strategy, Sun Tzus The Art of War has been admired by leaders as diverse as Mao Zedong and General Norman Schwartzkopf.

However, having been written two thousand years ago, the book can be somewhat daunting to the modern reader.

Mark McNeilly, author of Sun Tzu and the Art of Business (OUP, 2011), which made Sun Tzu accessible to the business executive, has extracted the six concepts most applicable to modern warfare, making them easy to understand and apply to military situations.

Drawing on a wealth of fascinating historical examples, McNeilly shows how these six principles might be used in wars of the future---both conventional wars and terrorist conflicts---and how they can provide insight into current affairs, such as the war on terrorism and Chinas increasingly important strategic and military role in the world.

This updated edition reflects on all that has happened in the past ten years, including the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the challenge of Iran, the Arab Spring, and the continued rise of China.

Each chapter includes brand new examples to explain important concepts in The Art of War.

Including the full text of The Art of War in the popular translation by Samuel Griffith, with cross-references to quotations used in the book, Sun Tzu and the Art of Modern Warfare unlocks these elusive secrets for anyone interested in strategy and warfare, whether they are professional soldiers, military history buffs, or business executives.

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