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2 Фев 2013
Supervising the Reflective Practitioner

Автор: Joyce Scaife

Короткое описание книги

Development as a reflective practitioner has become an essential quality for practitioners in the fields of health, education and social care.

Supervising the Reflective Practitioner provides guidance for supervisors, focusing on what they can do to facilitate the development of reflective practice in supervisees.

This book contains a wide range of practical examples including personal accounts and illustrations.

Topics covered include:what is reflective practice and why is it important now? how reflective practice connects with personal and professional developmentkey issues in supervising reflective practice methods that can be used in supervision.

This accessible book will be of great interest to both supervisors and supervisees who practice clinically in a range of professions, including applied psychology, counselling, psychotherapy, psychiatry and nursing.

It will also be useful for professionals working in education, health, and social care who want to support supervisees in the development of reflective practice.

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