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2 Фев 2013
Sweet as Cane, Salty as Tears

Автор: Ken Wheaton

Короткое описание книги

A freak accident forces a New Yorker to return to Louisiana and confront her Cajun pastThere is nothing more dangerous than a spooked rhinoceros.

It is just before lunchtime when Huey, the prized black rhino of Broussard, Louisiana, erupts from his enclosure, trampling a zoo employee on his way to a rampage in the Cajun countryside.

The incident makes the rounds online as News of the Weird, and Katherine Fontenot is laughing along with the rest of her New York office when she notices the name of the hurt zookeeper: Karen-Anne Castilleher sister.

Fifty years old, lonely, and in danger of being laid off, Katherine has spent decades trying to ignore her Louisiana roots.

Forced home by Karen-Anne's accident, she remembers everything about the bayou that she wanted to escape: the heat, the mosquitoes, and the constant, crushing embrace of family.

But when forced to confront the ghosts of her past, she discovers that escape might never have been necessary.

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