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2 Фев 2013
Sword and the Sorceress

Автор: Renee Michaels

Короткое описание книги

When their world is threatened by a cruel and merciless king, sorceress Syra ap Syrren must join forces with the man destined to be her bondmate.

Rhys Sorren, the powerful and driven warrior lord is reluctant to claim her, fearing it would endanger her.

Their bond is forged by a searing passion and fueled by magic.

Her gift of enhancement empowers him greatly to be victorious in the first skirmish in the coming war.

But then a new threat comes to their attention .



their foe seeks the fabled Sword of Sorren in an attempt to gain unrivaled magical power.

Beset by betrayal as they fight to secure peace for their people, they must look into the past to find the root of their troubles.

Allied with their neighbors, they prepare for a battle where they must win or lose it all.

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