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2 Фев 2013
Sword of Feimhin

Автор: Frank P. Ryan

Короткое описание книги

Four young men and women fell into the magical land of T r through a mysterious portal in Ireland - and now the fate of two worlds lies on their shoulders in this 'enthralling' (LA Times) and 'fast-paced, action-packed and truly fantastical journey' (Fantasy Book Review)The Tyrant has control of the artefact known as the F il, and as he strengthena his hold on the forces of dark magic, he now threatens Earth as well as T r.

'Ryan's grand epic style .



Passionate and dedicated fantasy fans will find a rich, immersive world and carefully handled characters' BooklistIn a violently dystopian London, Mark has joined forced with Nantosueta to search for the Sword of Feimhin, while on T r, Alan has mustered a Shee army and is intent taking the fight to the Tyrant - but obstacles obstruct his path at every turn.

And Kate, now in the in-between world of Dromenon, finds herself entering the Land of the Dead .



Day by day and hour by hour, the looming threat grows.

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