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2 Фев 2013
Tank Tracks to Rangoon

Короткое описание книги

Fighting in a somewhat forgotten corner of Empire during the Second World War, the British and Indian armoured regiments called upon to harness the power of tank warfare to extreme new levels did so in an effort to outwit an army until that point considered invincible - the Imperial Japanese Army.

Their collective efforts were heroic and massively effective, giving the Japanese a taste of mechanised warfare from which they never recovered.

**Bryan Perrett describes the full course of the armoured units' efforts, illustrating the importance of the mighty 7th Armoured Brigade; a 'magnificent formation' in General Slim's estimation.

In a conflict that saw much development in the field of tank design and production, Perrett illustrates the practical repercussions of such advances in this most extreme of wartime environments.

Detailed research has produced hard evidence of the Japanese use of gas against British tanks, and countless instances of Japan's human-bomb anti-tank technique.

Above all, this book shows to what extent the tank can prove a decisive weapon in the unlikeliest areas.

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