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2 Фев 2013
Taste Of Honey

Короткое описание книги

'Miss Delaney brings real people on to her stage.



she is busy recording the wonder of life as she lives it' Kenneth Tynan, ObserverA Taste of Honey became a sensational theatrical success when first produced in London by Joan Littlewood's Theatre Workshop in 1958.

Now established as a modern classic, this comic and poignant play, by a then nineteen-year-old working-class Lancashire girl, was praised at its London premiere by Graham Greene as having 'all the freshness of Mr Osborne's Look Back in Anger and a greater maturity.

' It was made into a highly acclaimed film in 1962.

The play is about the adolescent Jo and her relationship with her irresponsible mum, Helen, the Nigerian sailor who leaves Jo pregnant and Geoffrey, the homosexual art student who moves in to help Jo with the baby.

It is also about Jo's unshakeable optimism throughout her trials.

This story of a mother and daughter relationship (imitated in many other modern British plays since), set in working-class Manchester, continues to engage new generations of audiences.

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