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2 Фев 2013
Tawny PaPawny and Is It Sunday Already?!

Автор: T. P. Mckinnon

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Tawny loved the playground.

She loved the slides and she even loved the swings.

She liked to swing high and swing low.

She enjoyed her time in the playground on Saturday with her dad.

She especially loved the new rock she chose for Duke's bowl on the way home.

She had to get his bowl ready because tonight there was a show on the Disco channel all about turtles.

Tawny needed to find a way to stay up late and still get up for church in the morning.

Last week she tried to hide out under the covers in her room and woke up to the flashlight still signing in her face and Duke's bowl still sitting under the covers where she left it.

Tawny needed a plan to stay up late tonight and she needed one quick.

Who knows maybe she won't have to hide out under the covers anymore.

And just maybe she'll wake up on time Sunday morning for church.

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