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2 Фев 2013
Teacher Leader

Автор: Daniel R. Tomal, Robert K. Wilhite, Craig A. Schilling

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This CHOICE award-winning author has teamed up with a national school resource expert to write a comprehensive book on teacher leaders.

Everything you need to know regarding the leadership role of teacher leaders in school improvement, managing change and improving learning are covered.

The book starts by reviewing some original research on the role of teacher leaders in schools and then addresses the skill sets needed by teacher leaders: state and federal frameworks, coaching for effective instruction, selecting and mentoring, managing change, managing resources for student learning, and school improvement.

Features:A comprehensive book covering all aspects of teacher leaders including original research on the role of teacher leadersEach chapter objectives are aligned with the new ELCC, ISLCC, TLEC and InTASC standards on accreditationMany federal and various state data sources are includedEach chapter contains a comprehensive case study and exercises for practical applicationProvides a blend of academic, theory and practical perspectives on how to implement and execute changeSeveral handy resources are included in the appendicesCheck out other books in this series: https://rowman.


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