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2 Фев 2013
Teaching Discipline-Specific Literacies in Grades 6-12

Автор: Vicky I. Zygouris-Coe

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Comprehensive, timely, and relevant, this text offers an approach to discipline-specific literacy instruction that is aligned with the Common Core State Standards and the needs of teachers, students, and secondary schools across the nation.

It is essential that teachers know how to provide instruction that both develops content and literacy knowledge and skills, and aims at reducing student achievement gaps.

Building on the research-supported premise that discipline-specific reading instruction is key to achieving these goals, this text provides practical guidance and strategies for prospective and practicing content area teachers (and other educators) on how to prepare all students to succeed in college and the workforce.

Pedagogical features in each chapter engage readers in digging deeper and in applying the ideas and strategies presented in their own contexts:Classroom Life (real 6-12 classroom scenarios and interviews with content-area teachers)Common Core State Standards Connections College, Career, and Workforce Connections Applying Discipline-Specific Literacies Think Like an Expert (&quote;habits of thinking and learning&quote; specific to each discipline) Digital LiteraciesDifferentiating Instruction Reflect and Apply Questions Extending Learning Activities The Companion Website includes:Lesson plan resourcesAnnotated links to video filesAnnotated links to additional resources and information Glossary/FlashcardsFor Instructors: All images and figures used in the text provided in an easily downloadable formatFor Instructors: PowerPoint lecture slides

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