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2 Фев 2013
Teaching Languages with Technology

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This book draws on theories of second language acquisition (SLA) to illustrate how interactive white board technology can be exploited to support language acquisition.

It examines interaction, collaboration and negotiation of meaning and focus on form in the communicative language classroom in primary, secondary and vocational schools.

In recent years new technologies have been incorporated into second and foreign language education as tools for implementing teaching methodologies.

IWBs have established their role in the field of computer-assisted language learning (CALL) and are an effective and inspiring tool which motivates both teachers and learners.

Although the number of IWBs in classrooms has rapidly increased over the past decade in many parts of the world, teacher training materials and pedagogical support for the design, evaluation and implementation of IWB-based materials in the foreign language classroom has not kept pace.

Research also shows that language teachers do not always use IWBs in pedagogically sound ways.

There is a real need for the development of training models and examples of good practice which can support teachers in developing the necessary competencies for exploiting the IWB in ways consistent with current theories of language teaching pedagogy.

This book provides that best practice and gives a full account of in-depth research in an accessible manner.

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