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2 Фев 2013

Автор: Fellowship of Christian Athletes

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If there's a recurrent theme that runs through any team sport, it's fairly obvious that it's likely to have something to do with teamwork.

But strangely, there seems to be an epidemic in the modern world of sports that breeds personal agendas, selfish attitudes, and win-at-all-cost mentalities.

The Teamwork devotional offers a very different way of looking at teamwork, one that advocates dependence, empowering, equipping, working, celebrating, and hurting together, as well as appreciating each individual's giftedness.

In these meaningful readings, coaches and athletes will discover how a band of brothers are even stronger when they become a band of believers, how to spot the enemies of team unity, and how to build an amazing team.

Learn from those who have found a higher plane of play when there is unity within the team.

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