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2 Фев 2013
Tech Entrepreneur's Survival Guide: How to Bootstrap Your Startup, Lead Through Tough Times, and Cash In for Success

Автор: Bernd Schoner

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Most technology startups never make it to the funding stage, and only a small percentage of those that are venture-backed generate a positive return for their investors.

An even smaller number of startup founders enjoy a truly prosperous exit.

Bernd Schoner cofounded his tech startup during the dot-com bust, navigated it through market crises and internal turmoil, brought it through the global financial meltdown intact, and eventually sold it to a multibillion-dollar, multinational public technology company.

In The Tech Entrepreneur's Survival Guide, Bernd shares what he learned and what he wished he knew at the time.

He explains the major phases in a technology company's life cycle, helping entrepreneurs avoid common pitfalls and survive crises when they strike.

He guides readers from the initial bootstrapping process through venture-capital financing and provides valuable advice on how to sell a technology company profitably--even in a challenging economic environment.

Every chapter presents solutions to realworld issues that could otherwise have fatal consequences for a tech venture.

Aspiring tech entrepreneurs will learn to: Set up shop: build the team, assemble necessary startup assets (including technology and intellectual property), get legal and financial affairs in order Secure capital: ask for money, nail the term sheet, ask for more money Get out: know when to sell, who to sell to, and how to make it a happy exit for all stakeholders, including the employees Written with deep insight, refreshing candor, and a dash of humor, this comprehensive guide to the often harsh realities of startup life is indispensable for entrepreneurs at any stage.

PRAISE FOR THE TECH ENTREPRENEUR'S SURVIVAL GUIDE: &quote;A genuine narrative from the field, with battle scars and self-reflection.

Reading this book will help you avoid many pitfalls.

&quote; -- Nicholas Negroponte, professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab &quote;There's a lot of great insights and practical advice for the entrepreneur in this book, stuff you normally won't read or hear unless you buy some hard-bitten company founder a few drinks.

If you are launching a technology startup, reading this book is the thing you should do first.

&quote; -- Mark Roberti, founder and editor in chief of RFID Journal &quote;I wish I had read Bernd's book when we founded The Echo Nest.

Bernd touches on all the major issues in the initial formation stages of a tech company and many of the problems that come up when the company matures.

If you are thinking of founding your own tech startup, read this book first.

&quote; -- Tristan Jehan, cofounder of The Echo Nest &quote;A visceral, behind-the-scenes guide to technology entrepreneurship.

Bernd tells it like it is and presents a universe of solutions to tricky startup situations that can significantly improve the odds of success.


&quote; -- Larry Begley, cofounder and managing director at .

406 Ventures &quote;The best-laid business plans never survive contact with reality.

Bernd has provided a comprehensive guide to anticipating the unexpected in the life of a startup.

&quote; -- Neil Gershenfeld, professor and director of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for Bits and Atoms

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