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2 Фев 2013
The Dirty Girls Book Club

Автор: Savanna Fox

Короткое описание книги

Georgia Malone joined a book club to expand her literary horizons.

But when they swap serious classics for steamy fiction, she discovers just how much fun reading can be.



When Georgia loses her husband at the age of twenty-five, her world falls apart.

Three years on, and she has thrown herself completely into her job, leaving no time for love.

But this suits her just fine - she'd prefer to read about fictional romances than face the real thing.

But when she discovers that her new client is gorgeous sportsman of the moment, Woody Hanrahan, Georgia finds that her long-buried libido is awakened.

Woody is charming and cocky - the sort of man Georgia usually avoids.

But while her head is telling her to stay away, her body wants something else.

And as her book club explores the tantalizing extremes of fiction, Georgia is exploring the limits of pleasure and beyond.

Woody is hers to command in a hundred deliciously wicked ways, but when it comes to writing her own happy.



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