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2 Фев 2013
The House on Willow Street

Автор: Cathy Kelly

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Welcome to Avalon: a quaint, sleepy town on the Irish coast.

Nothing has changed here for generations - least of all the huge mansion on Willow Street; the house in which sisters Tess and Sulci Power grew up.

Now, years later, Tess is trying to save her marriage and protect her glamorous sister Suki who has come back home, dreams shattered.

Similarly, Mara Wilson is seeking refuge from a broken heart at her Aunt Danae's house.

And Danae, the inscrutable postmistress, is hiding dark memories of her own.

Now that the big house is up for sale, change is blowing on the cold sea wind.

But before they can look to the future, these four women must face up to the past.



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