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2 Фев 2013
The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

Автор: Robin S. Sharma

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This is the incredible story of Julian Mantle, a superstar lawyer whose out-of-balance lifestyle leads him to a near fatal heart attack in a packed courtroom.

His collapse brings on a spiritual crisis, forcing him to seek answers to life's most important questions.

Hoping to find happiness and fulfilment, he embarks upon an extraordinary odyssey to an ancient culture, where he discovers a powerful system to release the potential of his mind, body and soul, and learns to live with greater passion, purpose and peace.

Brilliantly blending timeless spiritual wisdom of the East with cutting-edge success principles of the West, this truly inspiring tale shows you how to live with greater courage, balance, abundance and joy.

Формат: 11 см x 18 см.

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