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2 Фев 2013
The White Russian

Автор: Bradby

Короткое описание книги

St Petersburg 1917.

The capital of the glittering Empire of the Tsars and a city on the brink of revolution where the jackals of the Secret Police intrigue for their own survival as their aristocratic masters indulge in one last, desperate round of hedonism.

For Sandro Ruzsky, Chief Investigator of the city police, even this decaying world provides the opportunity for a new beginning.

Banished to Siberia for four years for pursuing a case his superiors would rather he'd quietly buried, Ruzsky finds himself investigating the murders of a young couple out on the ice of the frozen river Neva.

The dead girl was a nanny at the Imperial Palace, the man an American from Chicago and, if the brutality of their deaths seems an allegory for the times, Ruzsky finds that, at every turn, the investigation leads dangerously close to home.

At the heart of the case, lies Maria, the beautiful ballerina Ruzsky once loved and lost.

But is she a willing participant in what appears to be a dangerous.



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