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2 Фев 2013
Tomorrow's Synagogue Today

Короткое описание книги

In the past decade many intelligent people who care deeply about synagogues have written about them.

So how is this book different from all other books? Many books take the overall mission of the synagogue as a given, and the recommendations around structure are really about incremental change.

Tomorrows Synagogue Today stimulates the reader to unleash the power of synagogues to exponentially influence peoples Jewish lives.

Herring offers creative scenarios to stretch the imagination about how more synagogues could become vibrant centers of Jewish life and how congregational leaders can begin to chart a new course toward achieving that goal.

Key to his vision are the ways synagogues can collaborate with other synagogues and other Jewish institutions in the local Jewish community and around the globe, as well as with organizations outside of the Jewish community.

Herring also explores structural change that is occurring in the rabbinate, as well as future roles rabbis may play and how rabbis might begin preparing for that future now.

He shares insights from twelve rabbis from across the country about new models of synagogue mission, governance, and organization.

He concludes with recommendations about the kinds of investments those who care about synagogues and the Jewish future need to make so that synagogues will remain a significant force in the Jewish community.

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