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2 Фев 2013
Toy Boy

Автор: April Vine

Короткое описание книги

Dreams of sexual pleasure with a younger man, keep Cait on the edge of frustration.

A quick trip to an adult toy shop will solve her problem and relive the pent up sexual tension.

Or will it? When fate turns the tables, will Cait choose the toy or the real thing?Lusting over her neighbor's too-young-to-touch hot nephew while he mowed the lawn in the hot sun was one thing and bad for her sparkling reputation.

Finding him in the same sex shop where she is purchasing artificial gratification to ease the sexual bother he evoked in the first place is quite another and forces thirty-four-year-old stickler for rules Cait Daniels to fly red-faced through the doors of Curious Coition without her paid for merchandize in hand.

Since he is staying with his aunt for a few days, twenty-four-year-old Declan Meyer wants to do the neighborly thing and return the orphaned sex toy to its rightful owner.

Only in this case the rightful owner is the same woman he wants in his bed, his heart, and his life.

He is not above holding the pleasure tool over her head and threatening her good standing in an attempt to show her the real thing with him, never mind his age.

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