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2 Фев 2013
Travellers #4

Автор: Jack Lasenby

Короткое описание книги

The fourth and final volume in Jack Lasenby's award-winning Travellers fantasy series for young adult readers.

Ish is introduced to Lutha's society; a cruel and primitive society driven by fear and superstition.

He quickly distrusts a quality in Lutha and her beautiful, elegant friend and lieutenant, Kalik.

Ish wishes to escape but realises he cannot go alone - he cannot leave behind a group of terrorised Children.

In Kalik, Ish uses all the skills and knowledge he has gained thus far: from Hagar and their travelling, from Taur and from the Shaman.

He challenges superstition, he questions leadership and the use of violence, he sees what ignorance and fear brings.

He in turn becomes the teacher to his group of Children.

In this novel, Jack Lasenby weaves threads of ancient myths, religions and folk tales from cultures as diverse as Ancient Persia and old Russia.

His inventiveness reminds us how vital the power of story-telling is, and how it creates a sense of history, community and identity for all.

This magnificent, powerful YA fantasy novel concludes the award-wiining series by one of New Zealand's finest writers for younger readers.

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