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2 Фев 2013
Treating the Trauma Survivor

Автор: Anne Fourt, Carrie Clark, Catherine C. Classen, Maithili Shetty

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Treating the Trauma Survivor is a practical guide to assist mental health, health care, and social service providers in providing trauma-informed care.

This resource provides essential information in order to understand the impacts of trauma by summarizing key literature in an easily accessible and user-friendly format.

Providers will be able to identify common pitfalls and avoid re- traumatizing survivors during interactions.

Based on the authors' extensive experience and interactions with trauma survivors, the book provides a trauma-informed framework and offers practical tools to enhance collaboration with survivors and promote a safer helping environment.

Mental health providers in health care, community, and addictions settings as well as health care providers and community workers will find the framework and the practical suggestions in this book informative and useful.

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