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2 Фев 2013
True Blood Drinks & Bites

Автор: Alan Ball, Benjamin Hayes, Gianna Sobol

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For the ravenous fanbase of HBO's smash hit series, True Blood Drinks and Bites presents 45 quick and easy recipes for themed gatherings and weekly watch parties, all inspired by the series' most notorious vampires and victims.

From the creator of True Blood and his writing team, these are deliciously &quote;in-world&quote; appetizers, cocktails, and nonalcoholic drinks to enjoy as the drama goes down in Bon Temps.

Think Scorn Fritters and Hot Dates, washed down with an ice-cold Spirit Lifter.

Entertaining and packed with noveltyincluding quotes and commentary from the characters themselves, plus original unpublished photography from seasons 1 through 5True Blood Drinks and Bites brings home a fun and tantalizing taste of the onscreen action.

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