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2 Фев 2013
True Dragon Gas Vol 1-2

Короткое описание книги

&quote;True Dragon Gas Vol 1-2 -- Mystery World Series (Chinese Edition)&quote; is an ancient Qigong that has been lost for hundreds of years.

Through practicing the true dragon gas, you can get superhuman strength.

True Dragon gas, in accordance with the training sequence, is divided into a total of four day state:The first heavy day, return to nature.

This day the power of exercises is aimed at practitioners to work through all channels in the body, to adjust to the best state.

Muscle, has been enhanced to the maximum, can play the explosive in an instant that ordinary people could not do, while the eyes, ears , nose , tongue, body 's sensitivity is higher than that of ordinary peopleThe Second Heaven Day: simplicity.

Beyond the eyes, ears , nose , tongue, body awareness of the five senses are brought dimensional world to the spiritual telepathy fifth dimension space.

When you reach the highest level of simplicity, there will be incredible psychic.

Because the latter days are already beyond the scope of ordinary people can understand, as they cannot let the blind to see the light, the ancients can not use words to express these two-day states.

The practitioners themselves can comprehend them by doing themselves.

Qigong is not re-refining of heavy enlightenment , in some martial arts novels written by outsiders, usually using time to measure the depth of skill.

But different levels, just like the ground and the sky, if only just to understand the ground ahead, but do not know how to find the tower of Babei connecting heaven, could never reach the sky.

So Qigong practitioners is the same, the key is not to try to run, but to find their own Tower of Babel.

Fist by practicing, Qigong by Gordon!

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