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2 Фев 2013
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

Автор: Verne Jules

Короткое описание книги

The mysterious &quote;sea monster&quote; frequently attacks all the seagoing vessel.

Professor Aaron Nath and others fall into the &quote;sea monster&quote; in the pursuit of the &quote;sea monster&quote;.

What is the &quote;sea monster&quote;? Can they survive? There the captain gave the answer.

He started the undersea adventure with the professor et al.

through the beautiful sea of forest and the coral kingdom, visited the ruins and coal mine, salvaged sunken treasure, met the ferocious sperm whales and also fighted with the big scary Octopus.

In this process, Captain Nemo was mysterious, and the dangerous atmosphere became increasingly strong.






The sea travel with signs of danger appearing everywhere, where is the ending? Can the professor return to the land and be free?

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