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2 Фев 2013
Two-Component Signaling Systems, Part C

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Multicellular organisms must be able to adapt to cellular events to accommodate prevailing conditions.

Sensory-response circuits operate by making use of a phosphorylation control mechanism known as the &quote;two-component system.

&quote; This volume, the third in a three-volume treatment edited by the same group of editors, includes a wide range of methods, including those dealing with the Sln-1 kinase pathway, triazole sensitivity in C.

albicans, and histidine kinases in cyanobacteria circadian clock.

Includes time-tested core methods and new innovations applicable to any researcher studing two-component signaling systems or histidine kinasesMethods included are useful to both established researchers and newcomers to the fieldRelevant background and reference information given for procedures can be used as a guide to developing protocols in a number of disciplines

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