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2 Фев 2013
Two Plays for Young People: &quote;The Flying Machine&quote; , &quote;Smashed Eggs&quote;

Автор: Phil Porter

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Life isn't much fun for the two children trapped on Ward One of St Ruth's Hospital for Damaged Eyes in The Flying Machine.

But then a new boy arrives at the hospital and he is soon leading a revolt against Nurse Cakebread's hard regime.

Armed with a set of blueprints and a cunning escape plan, he turns everything on the ward upside down.

Full of laughs and action The Flying Machine is a play of heroic deeds, despicable schemes and acts of amazing bravery.

In Smashed Eggs - winner of the Arts Council Children's Award in 2003 - Titus and Miranda are being driven crazy by their mum's ridiculous rules.

She has a rule for everything: what to have for breakfast, what to wear when mopping and even a timetable for polishing wellingtons.

One day, Miranda leads Titus on a journey which changes the way they look at the world forever.

What would happen if they disobey mum?

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