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2 Фев 2013
Ugly on the Inside

Автор: Steven Boe

Короткое описание книги

Comedy / 1m.

, 2f.

/ Exterior / Della has always dreamed of the perfect life: a springtime wedding in Vegas, a litter of kids running around the trailer, and a husband.



any husband.

Her best friend, Rayanne, only wants the best for Della but she has a habit of &quote;accidentally&quote; murdering Della's fiances.

Now, on her sixth (or is it her seventh?) wedding day, Della's latest groom, Charlie, has wound up on the floor with a cake knife in his gut.

The two women load Charlie's body into his pickup truck and drive into the desert to bury him but soon discover it's hard to keep a bad man down.

/ &quote;There's something more to Ugly on the Inside than the quirky comedy that appears on the surface.



&quote; - Dalton Dicky, Filmthreat.


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