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2 Фев 2013
Understanding Children's Development in the Early Years

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Review of the first edition:'This book provides a very accessible approach to building a better understanding of young children and their development and will be an interesting and useful read for both experienced early years practitioners and for students who are just beginning to build their practical experience.

' - Early Years Update a This highly practical and fully updated new edition is full of case studies and helpful advice on how to enhance our understanding of very young children.

Through working with many practitioners in different settings, Christine Macintyre offers down-to-earth strategies to enhance the learning of children in their care, and asks:What are the key influences in encouraging children to achieve their potential?Are the four aspects of children's development equally important and how do they interact?Does the play - based curriculum truly cater for children with a range of abilities and interests e.


gifted and talented children and those who need extra support?What new ways are there of enhancing learning?How can we be sure that parents appreciate how we support their children in all aspects of their development?With examples and case-studies drawn from a variety of real-life nursery practices, these interesting and thought-provoking scenarios will help enhance and develop the practice of all students and early years teachers.

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