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2 Фев 2013
Vagabond Spirit of Poetry

Автор: Edward Clarke

Короткое описание книги

This book delineates different manifestations of the vagabond spirit of poetry through the ages.

In doing so, it makes claims for the efficacy of poetry in our industrialized world, where we are presented with environmental, political and economic challenges.

The Vagabond Spirit of Poetry demonstrates that poems are vital now more than ever because they can transform our relations with each other and with the earth.

It acknowledges the awesome power of poems by providing you with fresh ways to apprehend their profound spiritual insights.

You will be surprised by how sharp your imagination becomes once you start following the paths opened by Edward Clarkes original readings.

This region is full of unexpected turns and pleasant clearings.

Beginning in the middle of things with Wordsworth, you will be taken on a journey from Shakespeare to Wallace Stevens.

Significant older poets, including Homer, Virgil and Dante, will enliven conversations with the wisest British, Irish and American poets of the modern age.

As you proceed, poetry will teach you how to put into practice its perennial wisdom.

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