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2 Фев 2013

Короткое описание книги

Vanished: The Search for Sally Hunt begins in 1974, when a being visits Sally in her college dorm, informing her that she has the power to heal others.

Not sure how to use this ability, or if it's even real, Sally meets a small-time psychic named Carmella Nuncio.

Carmella became known when she located a young boy in Ohio who was kidnapped and killed by a pedophile.

Carmella becomes an anchor for Sally as Sally begins her adult life as a teacher and writer.

The story begins a few days after Christmas 2000, when Sally's mother finds her missing and calls the police.

As police detectives Jane Peters and Ollie Hudson investigate Sally's disappearance, they find that the woman is a mystery.

Slowly they strip the layers from Sally's life to reveal things few knew about her.

The police meet with Sally's friend Jeanie Farmer, who has taken advantage of her friendship with Sally.

Jeanie knows her friend's secrets and has been extorting money from her.

The police are frustrated in their search and begin to try other methods, including a psychic who volunteers for the police department.

Will the mysterious search for Sally be successful?

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