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2 Фев 2013
Vital Link

Автор: Philip Warner

Короткое описание книги

To maintain the link of communication between battlefields and HQ, between commanders and soldiers, between physically distant Corps is the vital job of the Royal Signal.

But the responsibility of the Signals extends beyond the logistical requirements of inter-personal contact Electronic Intelligence and Electronic Warfare are major departments within the organisation, each of which supports the other.

The Vital Link examines these diverse aspects and traces the complex developments in techniques, technology and signals tactics since the Second World War.

The book, however, is more an historical story then an exhaustive tract for reference purposes.

It records the growth of the Signals through its people, the 'high quality' ordinary solder to the odd character, all of whom help to define the Royal Signals.

With anecdotes from individual's achievements, both personal and professional, the history of this essentially military branch is presented in an accessible and enjoyable manner.

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