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2 Фев 2013
We Are Not Alone

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This step-by-step guide is designed to help sexually abused teenage girls through the legal and emotional processes of dealing with what has been done to them.

We Are Not Alone: A Teenage Girl's Personal Account of Incest from Disclosure Through Prosecution and Treatment tells the first-person story of Jane, whose father molested her.

It addresses emotional issues, clarifies the legal process, and helps readers understand their reactions to abuse.

This helpful book can help readers gain the strength they need to heal from the confusion, loneliness, and shame of having been the victim of a sexual predator.

We Are Not Alone: A Guidebook for Helping Professionals and Parents Supporting Adolescent Victims of Sexual Abuse is also available as a companion volume for therapists, teachers, legal and law enforcement professionals, and parents of the victim.

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