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2 Фев 2013
Whores, Harlots & Wanton Women

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What did women who were attracted to other women do before our open, accepting and politically correct age? Did our ancestors ever indulge in 'illicit' sex? Or did their God-fearing mindset cause them to suppress their less-than-acceptable desires? And just how did prostitutes of the past pleasure their clients? Whores, Harlots & Wanton Women traces each step in the history of illicit and taboo sex bringing the story of the forbidden alive.

With letters, poems and diary extracts from those in the grip of passion or those disgusted by the exploits of others, the journey from antiquity to modern day is insightful, fascinating and sometimes shocking.

The attitudes and peculiarities in society and the often bizarre paradoxes are explored to reveal a colourful and highly entertaining picture of life on the edge of society.

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