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2 Фев 2013
Wild Dust: The Musical

Автор: Cindy Marcus, Dennis Poore, Flip Kobler

Короткое описание книги

Musical Comedy / 1 m.

, 8 f.

, plus 1 m.


/ Interior / Based on the original play Wild Dust, this engaging Wild West story has been delighting audiences for years.

And now, the original playwright, Flip Kobler, has joined forces with veteran composer Dennis Poore to turn Wild Dust the play into Wild Dust: The Musical.

It's 1887 and a dust storm is about to hit the town of Willow Creek.

The west was still wild, but the wind was wilder.

Wild Dust the Musical, takes place at a time when the &quote;west was wild, the women were soft and the men were brave.

&quote; The worst dust storm in a decade was about to hit the town, and all the men had gone to drive the horses and cattle to safer shelter to ride out the storm.

That left the women of town to fend for themselves in the only building strong enough to withstand the pounding sand - the town brothel.

So four &quote;fallen ladies&quote; and three &quote;ladies of the town&quote; are thrown together for the next 72 hours, along with a mysterious cowboy and a dancing corpse! For three days they confront the elements, each other, and hardest of all - themselves.

It's a comic romp with lots of slamming doors, mistaken identities, and one very dead body.

No one is exactly what they seem, and everyone's got a secret hidden up their sleeve.

Wild Dust: The Musical is a comic romp that's not to be missed.

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