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2 Фев 2013
Wolfish Scandal

Автор: Sandra Sookoo

Короткое описание книги

The advertisement read &quote;Sensual experience preferred but not required.

&quote; It's 1863, and starting a scandal to escape your family is just not done.

But Lyndal has been given only six months to live, and at twenty-five years old, is determined to live life to the fullest while she can! Lyndal Carson's life is at a premium.

Afflicted with a heart ailment wherein she can drop dead at any time, she makes a pact with herself to create one scandal and to really live before she dies.

Tired of being a handmaiden to her family, she writes the letter that will change her destiny.

Grey Rutledge, a werewolf who is hounded by a reporter and haunted by memories, endeavors to provide a diversion large enough that the paper will forget its interest.

He invites twelve women to his estate on the premise of choosing one of them for his mate.

After losing his family, the only thing he wants is heirs and a woman by his side.

As the days go on, both Lyndal and Grey find that elusive piece missing from their lives.

When their respective secrets are revealed, they both run the risk of losing everything.

Danger catches them unaware during an innocent afternoon but it's what is decided as life hangs in the balance that will change their lives forever.

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