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2 Фев 2013
Words of Wisdom: Leonardo Da Vinci

Автор: Students' Academy

Короткое описание книги

Leonardo da Vinci, the most influential artist and scholar of the Italian Renaissance, will always be remembered is great works &quote;Mona Lisa&quote; and &quote;The Last Supper.

&quote;He was not only an artist but also a great inventor, writer, and designer of machines.

During his lifetime, he invented hundreds of mechanical devices.

His conclusions and inventions were recorded in thirteen thousand pages of notes and drawings.

Most of his ideas were mainly theoretical explanations.

However, the world learned a lot from them.

Being very good with words, he often presented his ideas and thoughts before his friends and others.

They used to be highly impressed by his ingenious thoughts.

Several of his lines, statements, and remarks are now well known quotations.

This book includes hundreds of his thoughts which are not only informative and interesting, but also highly enlightening.

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