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2 Фев 2013
World celebrity biography books:Zhuang Zi

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Zhuangzi (about 369 BC through 286 BC), given name as &quote;Zhou&quote; and styled name as &quote;ZiXiu&quote;, is from Meng district in Song in Warring States period (the north-east of Shangqiu Henan province today).

He is a famous thinker, philosopher, literaturer and the representative of the school of &quote;Dao&quote;, the successor and developer of the philosophical thinking of Laozi, the founder of the school of Zhuangzi in pre-Qin.

His theory covered every side of the society at that time, but its essential spirit still belonged to the philosophy of Laozi.

So later people called him and Laozi as &quote;LaoZhuang&quote;, their philosophy was called &quote;the philosophy of LaoZhuang&quote;.

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