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2 Фев 2013
XML and InDesign

Автор: Dorothy J. Hoskins

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Discover the power of XML publishing with InDesign, and create content for multiple applicationsincluding digital-first publishing workflows.

With this book, XML evangelist Dorothy Hoskins teaches you several techniques for working with the built-in XML capabilities of InDesign CS6, using real examples from a college course-catalog project.

Learn how to import database content into InDesign, and tag existing InDesign content as XML for export to other applications.

InDesign also lets you apply attractive styling to XML content that cant be done with XSL-FO.

Through step-by-step instructions, code examples, and lots of screen shots, youll discover how using XML with InDesign increases the value of your content.

Get an overview of structured (XML) contentLearn InDesigns XML import options, including XML image informationMingle XML and non-XML content in a text flowUse InDesign as an XML &quote;skin&quote; by making templates with new style definitionsPut content in &quote;XML order&quote; for export to EPUB, with InDesign CS5.

5 and CS6Dive into advanced topics, such as how to transform XML with XSLUnderstand InDesigns potential and limitations with complex content models such as DocBook and DITA

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